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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2013
Cole Langston has been dubbed a hero. Saving the life of his copilot and safely landing the plane in a blizzard has made him the golden boy of the press. But all Cole wants to do is his job and the thrill of being the topic on everyone's lips has run its course. When Cole is standing in line to get some mints at an airport shop, he finds himself unable to allow the man in front of him to continue to harass the clerk. One punch later Cole regains consciousness peering up into the face of the concerned woman he was trying to help and finds himself unable to forget her.

Olivia is shy and unassuming. An artist, she is only working at the airport for money. When a male customer defends her against a bully and gets harmed in the process, Olivia tries her best to thank him. It seems, however, that Cole is one hard man to get in touch with. After all, he's a hero so why would he want anything to do with her?

Once again Marie Force has written a story that is so realistic I could envision it in my head. Cole and Olivia are real people with emotions and faults and many, many doubts. Cole is tired of being the center of attention and Olivia is trying her best to figure out why he would even be interested in a `girl' like her. Love has no boundaries, thank goodness, because their love is true. With obstacles to climb and love to make, Cole and Olivia are a couple that will overcome all odds. After all, Everyone Loves a Hero, even the woman that adores him! Grab your seatbelt, fold out your tray, and settle back for a yummy read - don't let the altitude get to you and if it does, I suggest going back for a reread!

Talia Ricci for Joyfully Reviewed
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