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Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2021
I have two separate heat pumps with two thermostats. I have had a Nest thermostat connected to each since Nest came out in 2011. I originally had a first generation Nest. I changed third generation Nest thermostats in 2013 when when I had to replaced both heat pumps.

I am shocked that Amazon put out such a poor product. The thermostat itself as well as the app.
Nothing is intuitive about the app or the interface on the thermostat. This product is a mess.

But reflecting upon it it’s not surprising as this is a Honeywell product branded as an Amazon product. I don't think Honeywell has ever made a device that is "cutting-edge". They are old-school and don't put anything fancy in their consumer products.

When I ask Alexa to change the temperature or turn on the air she says it doesn’t support that.

You can’t do a simple thing as turning on the air for a length you specify. Your choices are either on until you turn it off or on for random length of time that is unknown.

The interface on a thermostat is horrible.

The app does not accept Wi-Fi passwords above a certain length. I had to end up using my guest Wi-Fi password which is not as long as my regular Wi-Fi password.

I’ve only installed one of the two I purchased and I previously typed that I was going to give it until November 22nd before returning if I don't see a drastic improvement of the mobile app and thermostat interface as the deadline for me to return is December 8. After reading from another reviewer that you cannot have separate schedules if you have two thermostats, I am removing the Amazon thermostat, reinstalling my Nest and packing up both Amazon thermostats and shipping back.

I only bought these because I wanted the advantage of yelling at Alexa to control the thermostats. Picking up your phone and using the app to change the temperature or standing up and walking to the thermostat to change the temperature requires effort 😏.

Did Amazon get any user feedback before releasing this???
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