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Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2018
So we've purchased this item through Subscribe & Save for over a year. At some point this year, the wife & I noticed that the product had changed. It was never fluffy/cushiony/pillowy - frankly, it wasn't that soft, but it was sturdy, recycled, septic-safe and wasn't the dingleberry creator that it has now become. And therein lies the problem friends - 7th Generation has changed the formula and has added cushiony/softness, but at the expense of: 1) losing sturdiness - the aforementioned dingleberry issue and 2) there are now less sheets per roll. What are we to do. Who wants to spend time researching TP? We don't even want to spend time getting at the store, hence the subscribe and save. Anyhow, we are cancelling our S&S order and now back to the drawing board for a TP that will be similar to the original formula.
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