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Reviewed in the United States on September 17, 2018
Some very good stories in here. Some okay stories. Some that cheat a bit on the brief, but not much.

The only clunker was the GRRM "short" history of blitherdrool, which was simply boilerplate GoT with all the interesting bits removed. GRRM now writes histories rather than stories. If made-up histories are your thing, go for it and more power to your elbow. Personally, history presented like this is why I gave up history at school. Then this king then this battle than this queen then this battle. You'd think that battles involving dragons would have to be exciting but GRRM has achieved mastery of the form and (no doubt channeling the Oldtown maester purportedly writing this nonsense) leached out all the fun from the account. I did something I very, very rarely do and gave up on the thing about 1/3 the way in.
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