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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 17, 2020
HAUNTED: Perron Manor is Book 1 in the Haunted series by Lee Mountford. This story takes place in "Britain's most Haunted House"--Perron Manor--in the present time. The history of this mansion goes back to its very construction, with periods of dormancy followed by horrific events.

When we begin, Chloe and her younger sister Sarah, have inherited the Manor from their reclusive Uncle Vincent. The last tragedy recorded there was when Chloe was only six years old, and was staying there as her parents helped her Uncle and his partner, Marcus.

". . . the past couldn't hurt them."

Chloe's family were the only survivors.

Having no recollection of anything during that time, Chloe doesn't hesitate to urge her husband to move there, along with their young child, and co-heir sister.

". . . Back to Devil's House . . . "

I will admit, I felt the "connection" between the characters was forced somehow, and many of their conversations/actions just didn't feel . . . authentic. . . to me.

However, while I had a difficult time with these characters and their motivations, the atmosphere and history of the Manor captured my undivided attention. The scenes that dealt with the house itself and its sordid history were mesmerizing, to say the least, and some of the minor characters brought more interest and mystery to it.

"This house is special. It is, I believe, alive."

By the end of the novel, the characters were starting to grow on me, and some scenes with them were more "believable" than they were in the first three-quarters or so.

". . . Once you saw what was behind the veil, how could you ever unsee it? . . . "

Overall, while the characters didn't do much for me in the beginning, the Manor itself certainly did! The ending scenes made quite an impression on me, and I've already preordered the next installment.

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