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Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2018
A compelling debut. Speculative fiction with a literary, feminist edge, set in the distant future aboard a spacecraft tumbling, unmoored (physically and spiritually) through space.It's a stratified, segregated world on this space ship, ruled by a Sovereign with absolute power and cruelty. The story, however, is Astrid's --a Low worker, black-skinned, who is also a healer, the favorite of the Chief Surgeon, The. Astrid is, a powerful female character in a novel in which almost all the women characters, even Astrid's lost mother, Luna, are strong and strongly told. However, it is Theo I found most intriguing: devout, marked as effeminate by the Sovereign, with a secret past, yearning to do good, especially by Astrid but full of fear. I must admit: the middle of the novel plodded along, but Astrid's vivid remembrances of folk tales about animals, the Raven, stand out, and the story carried me through to the riveting, explosive end of this novel. Kudos! I look forward to reading more from Rivers Solomon.
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