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Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2018
A Death in Sweden is a very engaging book, on a par with recent works by Baldacci and Berry. Wignall's writing is clear and concise. He must've had a great editor because the tempo is crisp. The book doesn't lag anywhere, and the author ties everything together at the end.

The characters are believable, although I'm tired of male thriller protagonists bedding every woman they encounter—and all of those women being beautiful. But until traditional publishing contacts with more female thriller writers I'll just have to live with the chauvanistic stereotypes. That being written, I'm becoming more selective about what I purchase because horn-dog protagonists are boring me.

A couple of reviewers mentioned the immorality of the crimes committed in this book, but I've yet to read a thriller that doesn't contain murder and mayhem. The ending of A Death in Sweden is uplifting, a pleasant and unexected twist.

I've ordered Wignall's other books and look forward to reading them. Highly recommended.
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