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Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2017
I truly hate to write bad reviews for any book. I know the author has put some of herself into writing the novel. But, I just couldn't stand the main characters in this novel, and it soured the thin plot. Emma is a whiny, insecure woman, who takes every little remark from her husband as a terrible thing that must mean the end of the world. She reacts this way to her new "best friend", the famous writer, who bullies Emma into agreeing to put her name on the new novel Beatrice is working on. I say she bullies her because she gives her the cold shoulder, until "poor" Emma gives in. These characters would be great in a pre-teen novel about middle school girls, but reading about grown women acting so immature is infuriating. The famed novelist actually says "Do you know who I am?" Seriously, who says this out loud? And after Emma fears her husband is having an affair, (and for really no good reason any intelligent woman would see,) she runs to Beatrice's house where she is allowed to sob in her bedroom until they both fall asleep cuddled in her bed, while supportive Beatrice's husband sleeps in the guest bedroom. Again, really? How old are they, 12? And on in goes throughout the novel. Actually, after page 100 I simply couldn't stomach these two women anymore, so I stopped reading. The immature, whiny main character Emma, and her snobby, condescending "best friend", the famed writer Beatrice, were both too much to take. Very disappointed given the past reviews.
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