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Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2018
In this world, times have definitely changed. Men are all but extinct with the exception of the 12 end men. They are in charge of populating the world, but things aren’t all what the regions (higher government) would have you believe. Folsom is the original end man and in all the years he has done this, he has learned to keep his head down and body ready for the next woman to try and impregnate. Is this life he wanted for himself? No, but it’s all he’s able to do now. Each woman is no different than the last and Folsom has mostly checked out and accepted his life of loneliness and civil duty. That is….until Gwen.

Gwen comes from an upper class group of women and her mother was able to snag her, as well as her sister, an appointment with the original End Man. She’s always wanted a baby along with every other woman in the world and she hopes beyond all hope that Folsom is able to provide her with one. Gwen is sassy and likable while Folsom is endearing and raw. Their personalities together mesh well, even though I did think the entire relationship between the two went kind of fast.

Once the deed was done between Folsom and Gwen that should have been it. But Gwen realizes after a few run ins with Folsom that this isn’t the life he wants and that the government treats them like horses only good for breeding. He’s tired of the games, the responsibility of the world resting his and the other 11 men’s shoulders, and the endless amount of women who only look at him as if he’s only good for one thing. Gwen’s feelings for Folsom, and his for her, are just too much for them to ignore and so they set on a path that will eventually bring the regions to its knees.

The insta-love between these two is again, paced pretty fast, but it didn’t take away the overall quality of the book in my opinion. Overall, I loved the premise of the story and I’m thoroughly intrigued on how this series will play out. I didn’t care for the pace of it, but I still connected to it easily. Jackal, book two, releases June 29 and I can’t wait because…wow….the cliffhanger at the end kind of threw me for a loop!!!
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