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Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2015
Emily Royal was rescued from the Middle East where she killed her husband in order to save her life and others. But because of the man she was married to her name now appears on all government watch lists. Even though she is back on American soil she still feels lost. Ryan "Flash" Gordon was part of the team that rescued Emily and has been secretly keeping in touch with her and giving her support.

When Emily is given an opportunity that will clear her name she takes it. But before she takes on this assignment she goes to Ryan and asks to have one night with him. Ryan has no clue about this assignment that Emily has agreed to and is shocked to wake up the next morning to see she has left and it will be two months before he sees her again and he is upset when he discovers who she is working with.

When they finally see each other they will learn some surprising news. The HOT Team does what they do best -- come in and take care of business. Emily also proves that she will do what it takes to clear her name.
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