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Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2020
This was just the feel good, make me laugh and smile story I needed right now.

I loved this book.

Carly Kennedy’s life is going no where. She is a publicist who has lost her job and is trying to make it on her own 2 with very difficult clients. Her family is just one basket case. Her parents have recently divorced and her mother, much to Carly dismay, has announced a sexual awakening and loves to share the details with her daughter. Her sister Mia, is always having a crisis, she has 3 small children and her husband is away for work a lot. So she is constantly calling on Carly. And Carly has a new basset hound named Baxter. Well originally her mother had rescued him for her sister Mia, but with 3 small children there is no way Mia could keep the dog, So Carly inherited him. And she loves him. But she is a by the book dog owner. No getting on the furniture, only organic food. But poor Baxter is so depressed.

Max Sheffington’s is a professor of neurology. He is up for tenure. He also has a basset hound named, Hazel. Hazel eats mac and cheese and loves to lay on the couch and watch dog tv. Max also helps is dad take care of his brother Jamie, who has autism.

Max and Carly meet when their dogs are mixed up. You see their dog walker was arrested so he had a friend return the dogs and this friend mixed up the bassets. Carly came home to find her favorite couch pillow torn to shreds by Hazel. And Max comes home to a very depressed dog who will not eat, so he gives him mac and cheese LOL
After an awkward first encounter they realize that their dogs really like each other so they set up a couple of play dates, and Carly and Max realize not only do their dogs like each other, but they like each other as well.

I loved both Max and Carly. Max is such a sweet guy. I loved watching him with his brother Jamie. He was so good with him. Even when he did get a bit aggravated at times, he always felt bad after. It brought a tear to my eyes a couple of times. And Carly with her dysfunctional family and crazy clients, she just kept pushing on no matter what got in her way. And I just loved Max and Carly together. They made me laugh, from their different dog parenting styles, to Max having to help Carly out of a crazy skirt one of her clients made. I was team Max and Carly all the way. As well as team Baxter and Hazel lol
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