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Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2021
It's great. Big water bottle to help increase my daily water intake, and I love that the straw is wide so the water-flow is great (this is what made me purchase this bottle over others - I own a few of the insulated bottles, but just don't like the straws in those, they're very narrow and a hard plastic, which makes it hard to take a big sip).
My ONLY complaint though relates to the straw. I wish there was a way that it could lock in place when the cap is open, either locking/clicking it in, or even the slightest twist to hold it secure. I realize that the straw is loosely inside so I can close the cap when I'm done, but the straw is so flexible as a result of this feature that it barely stays up high enough to take a sip out of. It makes it hard to use one-handed - I find I have to hold the straw cap up so I can drink from it, which isn't the most convenient.
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