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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 1, 2022
“..stop waiting for the stars to align…stop waiting for inspiration to strike…wake up and take hold of your own life.”

A little over halfway on Page 1, ET’s voice bellowed from the page and yanked my attention in. From there on, I was taken on a journey; given a bird’s eye view of an individual who faced immense trials (including homelessness), battled grave insecurities, and had some of the best reasons to give up on himself, but ABSOLUTELY, UNAPOLOGETICALLY REFUSED TO QUIT!!!
Holy Heaven, what did I just read? What did I just see within those pages?

- A blueprint of success
- A trumpet call to action
- A vision of what’s possible
- A biography of how transformation occurs when one aligns with his/her purpose.
- A historical lens of life in Detroit and Chicago in the 1970s

This book is all of that and SOOOOOO MUCH MORE which is why it is one of my best inspirational reads of 2022.

It isn’t often that you find one of those books that demands you excitedly sit on the edge of your own bed of desire for greatness with each word, page, chapter. From the onset, ET is raw, real, relatable,and relentless littering each page with substantial wisdom gems for moving forward. By the time I was through reading (three days after it was delivered), I was beyond ready to “…begin building your legacy…to take control…to do the work…to become your dream…to become great…to step into yourself…to go write the book of you.”

Hands down, A MUST READ!!!
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