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Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2019
Please beware, the manufacturer includes items in this kit that are not specifically designed for safe use on the Switch, and will actually damage the screen. Namely the "Wet Cleaning Wipe" and the "Dust Removal Stickers". The included Wet Cleaning Wipes claim to contain water and alcohol. Seems harmless, however after using the Wet Wipe on our brand new Switch's screen (before applying the protector), the screen was left with horrible white streaking that would not wipe off AT ALL. It would not come off by using the wet wipes again, would not come off with the Dry Wipe, nor water, nor soapy water, no matter how hard we tried. The white streaks are somehow permanently part of the screen. It seems that either the solution etched the screen or had an adverse chemical reaction with the screen material that caused this permanent streaking. I advise cleaning with warm lightly soapy water, then distilled water, instead of the included Wet Wipes. The included Step 2: DRY Cleaning Wipes do their job well though.
The kit also includes what right there on the back of the Kit's own box are called "Dust Removal Stickers", as well as here on the item page... these are identical to the dust removal stickers the company includes with their other screen protector kits, for use to REMOVE DUST before applying the protector... however, if you actually read the super tiny text on the "Dust Removal Stickers" included with this Switch Kit, they say "Please DON'T use this to remove dust from the Nintendo Switch". Whaaat?!?! And these stickers don't have that text on them in the other kits, those are identical aside from tiny text saying "Dust Removal Stickers". So why even include these with the Switch and call them Dust removal stickers on this page and on the product box? But yeah, even though the box says "Dust removal Stickers", don't use them for dust because the adhesive on them, which the company was apparently too lazy to change for specific use on the Switch, is too sticky when on the Switch screen and will leave adhesive residue behind.

This is so unfortunate, having a brand new Switch screen completely ruined by a kit that was intended to protect that screen. And even moreso because it was completely avoidable had the company simply included Switch-friendly wipes and dust removal stickers, or not included them at all.

The screen protector itself is pretty great looking and relatively easy to apply without any bubbles at all. There are a few very small specks/inclusions that look a bit like specks of dust suspended within the protector glass itself. Hopefully that is a fluke/rare case. It should also be noted that once the screen protector was applied to the now damaged screen, the streaking, which is so very bad and stood out like a sore thumb, is now pretty much invisible due to the protector adhesive sealing to the surface. However, the entire point of this purchase was to protect the Switch screen from damage, and this kit did exactly the opposite, it destroyed the screen. Now the only way to keep the display looking nice will be by having these protectors applied to the screen. It will never look undamaged again without one.

Bottom line: Had the manufacturer given more care to providing materials safe for the Switch Screen, this would have easily been a raving 5 star review. I highly recommend the protector itself, but not this kit as a whole. Play it safe and do not use the included "Wet Cleaning Wipes" on your Switch screen, nor the included "Dust Removal Stickers". The protector itself looks great and applies incredibly easily, so just use safer means of cleaning before applying the protector.
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