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Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2018
I have a new favorite Spider-Man film!

Into the Spider-Verse looks amazing. I've seen combinations of two- and three-dimensional animation before, but not anything like this. The movie is very colorful and makes excellent use of action. The whole thing is supposed to look like a comic book and has some wildly creative ideas, including color slightly popping off the lines and thought captions and bubbles. This movie takes place in an alternate reality from more traditional Spider-Man timelines, giving the creators liberty to come up with some inventive visual twists on classic Spider-Man villains without feeling like real betrayals to the characters.

Now, the movie does have a couple things that I adjusted to but may bug people with more sensitive eyes. As mentioned, the color is off-line and the background in particular can be blurry-looking. The motion frame rate is a little jerky, which I assume is a stylistic choice.

The plot is equally impressive. The film features Spider-Men from multiple dimensions and multiple other characters yet manages balance and develop them all almost seamlessly. (Wouldn't have minded a little more time on Mile's relationship with his uncle, but that's a minor issue.) The comedy and drama is equally good. The movie has fun, but there are also stakes. There is real loss in this. (Parents who are more selective in what their children watch, may consider this more of a "big boy" film).

The movie stars Spider-Man Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore), who started off in Marvel's Ultimate comic line. He became popular enough that when the Ultimate universe was shut down, because Ultimate Spider-Man was the only real big seller, he was transferred to the main Marvel line. Hardcore Peter Parker fans may be upset that he isn't the star, but they did such a great job with Miles' character that I don't think you'll mind. He is likable and has personal issues like Peter, but in his own unique way. He forms a mentor relationship with a down-on-his-luck and world-weary Peter Parker (New GIrl's Jake Johnson), and the two of them have great chemistry and basically make the movie.

This is one of those truly innovative steps in moviemaking and a sincere homage to comic books.
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