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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2019
Strengths... this novel fleshed out the development of psychohistory and documented the rapid decline of Trantor and the Galactic Empire. It did a great job of expanding what constituted the Asimov's conception of the Galactic Empire, and one can see this theme inserted into many popular stories and movies issued thereafter, including the Star Wars series. Truly, Asimov was a pioneer of ideas and a master at incorporating them into a feasible story. Mix this in with the reflections of a man in his later stages of life, especially the loss of his spouse and close friends, and one has the makings of a very touching novel, apart from the usual riches of top-notch sci-fi. A remarkable book.
Weaknesses... none, perhaps with the exception of the rather quick demise of Dors. Her character deserved more, I felt.
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