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Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2021
This book is great food for thought, prayer and conversation. I found that I enjoyed the formatting early on but grew weary from the insights John Mark felt necessary to give on the culture at large as opposed to the individual soul's battle against the Devil, Flesh and World.

I really do appreciate his appreciation and respect for the Monastic tradition and Catholicism in general but there are points where it seems he just fails to try and understand what the Catholic actually teaches on the matter. The most glaring example is his views on sacramental confession. Regarding confession, I think there is great value to the soul to have a small community you can share ALL of your sins with. It is such a human experience to share these things with friends, family and community but that cannot replace the Sacramental reconciliation offered through the Church (John 20:23).

Okay, diatribe over.

This book is worth reading for Christians from all traditions if you are seeking ways to combat Satan and his works in your life... seeking to re-wire your body to pursue what is good, true and beautiful... or seeking to understand how and why our world is so hostile to the Way of Jesus in 2021. I appreciate John Mark and his contributions to the Church are so welcome. This book will help you grow closer to Jesus especially when reading and mediating on the accompanying scripture recommended at the end of each section.
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