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Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2019
Mika thinks she has heartburn, to the point she goes through a bottle of tums in 1 week. She thinks it is due to nerves. In reality, Mika is pregnant and in not paying attention she drives into Thibault. Thibault is walking across the road and only looks in the direction traffic should be coming from. He gets hit by Mika.
Thibault happens to deliver Mika's baby and keep her safe. In the hospital, Mika has an attempted visitor from her boss, Pavel, and her declining is when the story she takes off. As Mika learns she may need to trust someone, you learn a little more about her. Thibault does what he can to protect Mika but is he willing to lose his family and friends for Mika when she won't lose herself for him?
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