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Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2021
I’m very aggravated with myself for being taken in by all the prepublication hype for Falling. I let the praise from some respected authors — such as Don Winslow who described the book as “stunning and relentless...a JAWS at 35,000 feet”...outweigh my hesitancy about reading it stemming from the fact that 41 consecutive previous literary agents rejected it. Please don’t let my mistake become yours when you start seeing and hearing the promotional efforts by the publisher who will be trying to convince you that Falling is going to be this summer’s blockbuster bestseller when it is published on July 6th. It may very well turn out that way but being forewarned is being forearmed.

I’ll leave it to you to check the description of Falling (along with some of the hype) on Amazon or Goodreads. The remainder of my review will tell you just some of my reasons for having such an unusually strong negative opinion of it:

...First-time author T.J. Newman’s writing style is clumsy, choppy and, sad to say, amateurish;
...The book is virtually devoid of any meaningful character development, and what there is is one-dimensional at best. For me, the characters too often came across as comic book figures rather than “real life” people;
...The plot (which I had high hopes for prior to starting Falling), the dialog and the various actions taken by the “good” and “bad” characters were so implausible for me that instead of considering them to be exciting/suspenseful/attention-holding, I had a hard time keeping my eyes from rolling around in my head. This continued to the point that by the time I got to the last 50-60 pages — which were intended to be the most dramatic part of the book — I found myself skimming through them in order to get to the only real exciting part of the book for me, which was to come to THE END.

And, if the above reasons aren’t enough for you, while I can’t cite specifics about the political motivations for the “bad guys” without providing spoilers, I’ll just say they were unoriginal and preachy.

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