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Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2020
This movie is an excellent adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel. As I began my master's program in literature, I was drawn to Virginia Woolf, and Mrs. Dalloway is by far my favorite. The movie stays quite true to the novel in many ways, but in other ways it slightly diverges. However, if one looks closely, all of the themes of the novel are portrayed with careful precision in the movie. For example, in the novel Woolf uses the chimes of a clock as a constant reminder of the importance of time in our lives. The movie weaves together the past and present with many flashbacks in order to depict a happier time in Clarissa's life. In the present time Clarissa is middle-aged and distraught about her future. The movie emphasizes this to a greater level than the book, but it works out beautifully. One can better understand the novel by viewing this movie. The end is slightly different than the novel, but in a very good way. One must not get hung up on the kiss by the fountain, which disturbed other viewers. The kiss should be put in context of the story. Indeed it is but one part of the story which must be taken in altogether. I found both the novel and the movie absolutely delightful.
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