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Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2018
Spoiler alerts: I found this book on a list of characters similar to Lee Child's Jack Reacher series meaning if you like Jack Reacher then you will like the Gray man series. Court Gentry is NOTHING like Jack Reacher. To compare Court Gentry to Jack Reacher is laughable!!!! The book started out with promise, but soon took a nose dive! I read the first book in the Gray man series. Why they call him the Gray man is still a mystery because he was tracked down and found pretty much EVERY WHERE he went to hide! Not even disguises could disguise him from the bad guys! The author went TOO far with this character's ability to be injured and STILL win! Let's see in book one the character was shot in the leg, broke a rib, almost broke his wrist, stabbed in the gut down to bone, thrown down a well, on and on it goes. All this in less than 24 hours? The whole time he's running on fumes but coffee and adderal will take care of the issue. PUH-LEASE. The most laughable part was where he needed to get to a certain location by a certain time, but couldn't SPARE 10 mins to let the vet tech stitch him up so she has to do the stitching of his gut wound while he's DRIVING a car and give him a blood transfusion!!!! REALLY?? Can't pull over for 10 mins? So what happens? He passes out and crashes the car!!!!! DUH! So how did getting to the location on time work out for ya??? I just found this character to be a flop. I finished the book under protest just because I didn't want to waste the money I spent on buying it!!!
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