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Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2020
Hey, Jane (Michael Connellys’s publicist) - who are you kidding? Who is his ghostwriter? For this and his last few novels? Large print and blank pages to flesh out weak plots and predictable endings? Michael Connelly was a real writer once upon a time. Real stories, details, emotions. Apparently you’ve signed on to the Clive Cussler school of ghostwriting with formulaic plots (and an incredibly weak one here) and predictable endings. I’ve read every Michael Connelly book until now, been disappointed by the last 4 or 5, and I’m done. I’m sure the Connelly empire won’t miss me one little bit. Send me another email when HE actually writes something worth reading. What a disgrace. Jane - I'd be happy to PM you my email in case you'd like to set me straight. I love his early writing and insightful observations about the human condition. All I read now is paperback pablum. Certainly not up to Raymond Chandler standards.
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