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Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2018
In Folsom, we meet Folsom Donahue the first man in the Society of Regrowth. He was the first to be recruited, the oldest of the twelve at thirty-four. Folsom lives in the End Men compound, a place that keeps the recruited men before they are moved on to a new Region.
This is a community controlled by women. These recruited men are controlled by this society to repopulate. The regions are focused on rebuilding the population that it’s losing its humanity.
This is a concept that has been discussed by people for years. The thought of women overpopulating society with very few men left. I’m sure it’s not too far fetched of an idea. In fact, Tarryn and Willow surprised me with how well thought out this idea could play out. I suppose I was narrow minded to think all men would love an opportunity to bang an endless amount of willing women. What I didn’t expect is for the boredom to occur. I love how Folsom’s character exudes that human element of bonding. He’s an object to the society. A piece of furniture to be used. Pleasure isn’t the end game it’s conception.
I must admit I was hesitant to read another dystopian book. I must also admit I was apprehensive about reading a book corroborated by two authors. While I’m a fan of Tarryn’s books it seems when authors join forces with another I become leery. Putting all fears aside I read one review that changed my entire outlook on this book for that reason alone I bought it. I must say I’m enjoying this book.
This book opened my eyes to the various ways in which this concept can affect both the female and male race. The conformity is the most difficult aspect of this book. The new roles and expectations placed upon the women and End Men in this new society was alarming.
Folsom contained many similarities with the Hunger Games as far as a society controlling its population in eight Regions.
It’s not an unrealistic or unreasonable possibility for the male population to become extinct. Tarryn and Willow provide an eye awakening experience at what our world would look like if it ever came to that.
Gwen’s defiance to rules and structure is what every society needs to prosper. Her courage to stand up against a community driven by conformity adds the necessary encouragement to a dyer situation.
Folsom a man blessed with great genes takes his responsibility in stride. It’s easy to bend both ways and believe in the greater cause while also bend toward the pressure imposed upon him to conceive men.
I’m looking forward to Jackal. I’m glad I gave this book a chance to dispel my original fears.
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