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Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2009
I was so excited when I found Cycle Savvy! I bought it and read it before I gave it to my little sister. It talks all about the female cycle and what to expect throughout your cycle. It goes over the reproductive system, what the symptoms of a infection are, what to expect on your first pelvic exam, general gynecological health, how to chart your cycle, etc... There are cool pictures, games/tests at the end of each chapter so you can see if you learned the basic points, and the personal accounts throughout the book are really helpful. I like that it doesn't encourage charting your cycle for birth control, but it does have information on contraceptives and STD's/STI's. I found that this book is mostly geared toward teens that arn't sexually active but I think that it is a good read for the ones that are.

I bought Taking Charge of Your Fertility before I bought this one for my younger sister. I was astounded with all the information about my body that no one ever bothered telling me. Why weren't we taught this in Health class, or why didn't I find all this out from my Mom or Sister at least!?!? I then realized that they were all ignorant of this information. How could they teach me when they were Ignorant of it in the first place. I wished someone had been knowledgeable enough to hand me Cycle Savvy when I was in Highschool. It would have saved me a lot of confusion and self loathing when all those bodily changes where taking place. I decided to start informing the people around me of this awesome info. I told my friends, mom, and older sister about Taking Charge of Your Fertility, but then I came to a problem when I thought of my 13 year old sister and I knew she needed this information the most. I knew she would get overwhelmed by such a big book and she didn't need to know about achieving pregnancy and menopause. I was so happy to find Cycle Savvy! It allowed me to be a better role model and provide my little sister with the information about her body that she deserves to know.
Let's choose knowledge for our teens over ignorance.
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