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Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2020
Truly spectacular! Chip Zdarsky has written Daredevil as he should be: a man that deals with his own violence, unsure if for justice or for the sheer pleasure of it. His moral world shatters when he is framed for a death, the man without fear fears himself. It is not a story written as endless fights, there is a lot of action of course, but there is also internal strife, and his interesting point of view as a blind man. The first part has this reflexive tone and in the last part of this volume (my favorite) Zdarsky shows us what it would be if Daredevil would embrace a lethal path; there appear other Marvel characters (as Punisher and Spider-Man) with the tone accord to Murdock's ordeal. They appear in a very mature way, it doesn't feel as unjustified cameos... I would say more but instead: You have to read it! The reason why I'm not scoring this volume with five stars is because the time to introduce a new character, a detective from Chicago, he wasn't that interesting to me... Maybe in the second volume the inclusion of that character will prove to be important for the story.

Checchetto's art is very good, specially for the characters. It is modern, detailed and dynamic. But I am not sure about the backgrounds, they are so detailed and precise as 3D isometrics, makes me afraid of the use of digital tracing, a technic that usually takes the life out of drawings; I could be wrong, though. Sunny Gho's colors are professional although a tad luminous to my taste, but in the end it is a good work by all the artists involved in this volume.
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