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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020
These came up when I was searching for full size paper towels. I don't care what different brands call them, "task size" or "select a size" are useless and I don't want to waste money on them. These are the same ridiculous half sheets that everyone else is selling, even though most people don't want them, but these are cloth and don't work for certain things. The cloth part isn't bad unless you need a firmer paper towel, which for certain uses I do. If these were a full sheet, I wouldn't have written a bad review, but I'm angry because they were advertised as being a full sheet when I bought them and they aren't. Given the price I paid, I am especially angry. Enough with the endless confusing names for a product that many don't want but is all that's left during this "panic buy" pandemic. Be honest in the advertising please.
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