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Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2019
A LOT of the book is complaining about people who complain....and I mean a lot. If you are someone who complains about not being able to save but goes out and drinks beer every weekend and reading a book will make you realize the errors in your ways, than this is a great book for you. I bought this book for the Kindle...the book started with 19 hours of the time I actually found anything that was even remotely relevant to me...I had less than 2 hours of reading left. This is NOT a book for all audiences. I am 46 years old, haven't owned a credit card in over 15 years, have my house and vehicles paid off, and make very good money. This book for me was pointless. I bought it because of the raving reviews. Your never to far along to learn something new but sadly...this was not the book to do it. Much of it is spent on credit card debt, student loans, and probably 30% of every page is testimonials from other people....hence your paying to be advertised too. "Look how much people think my ideas are wonderful!" A little bit of that goes a long way, and a lot of that tires out quickly. He also bashes on young people relentlessly. He assumes if you are complain and don't take responsibility for anything you do but yet he assumes you will be responsible enough at your young age to buy a book on finance? Weird assumption. Either way, I gave it a one star because unless you have been living under a rock....there is nothing new in this book. It's the same format as every other "how to" book out there. Spend 35% talking about what your going to say, 35% giving testimonials, and then if you are lucky....30% of information, which does not and will not pertain to everyone. This book is no different.
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