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Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2021
Mack and Mariah were secondary characters in book 3,
learning more about their story in this wedding-themed story also provides more details on an attack in Cole's book. The additional scenes added to this version expanding Mack and Mariah's story only make it better. Mack is a former Army Ranger now bodyguard, which provides a dash of danger and suspense as he works to protect Mariah from an unexpected villain. The fact that Mack is an exceptionally honorable man keeps the story clean--hence the "semisweet" description. As far as Mariah's character, she is one stubborn female --but Mariah, like the other women in the series, eventually opens her eyes and heart to the good man who loves her. It was fun reading this story and watch them fall for each other.
Two people have never been more made for each other, Sadly it takes till the end for them to finally realize it. Mariah is a Sweet perfect sister .... to Cole who has men like Mack who run a Body Guard/security Company, Cole who is an Billionaire / Rancher and after the incident with his wife... he takes guarding someone very serious. Mack is in love with Mariah but feels he is not good enough for her. Where as She is in love with him but again she does not feel she is good enough for him.
They go thru the whole story like this ....till they finally find out who wanted Mariah dead but Mack saves the day. This story is a fast read. Yet a very happy ending
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