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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 20, 2019
Cartwright’s Cavaliers is one of the best military sciences fiction stories to come along in a long time. It also is a coming of age story for a young man who is suddenly thrust into command (with guidance from more experienced Cavaliers) but has to prove himself in battle before the line troops will accept him.

Jim Cartwright is the scion of the late Thaddeus Cartwright. His father was the leader of the family mercenary unit, Cartwright’s Cavaliers, one of the Four Horseman group of merc units. He also is totally out of shape and his not confidence in himself.

Suddenly he finds the person in charge of the Cavaliers after his mother has stripped the Cavaliers bare and forced it into bankruptcy.

After Jim graduates high school he finds out he is bankrupt and is left with no assets. That is until he finds out he is the beneficiary of a will from the founder of Cartwright’s Cavaliers that leaves the Cartwright Historical Association to him.

When he arrives at the Cartwright Historical Association he finds a caretaker who turns out to be from the Cavaliers along with the equipment that was collected by the Historical Association. Using the equipment that has been collected by the Historical Association and kept in working order he and his mentors are able to reconstitute Cartwright’s Cavaliers to once more become a functioning mere unit.

This where the military science fiction starts. With help of the caretaker and some other current and former Cavalier mercy Jim obtains a commission that is supposed to be easy in order to build up credits.

While the Cavaliers are being reconstituted Jim begins to transmogrify from an out of shape, over-weight young man with low self-esteem and confidence to the Cartwright’s Cavalier commander as well as finding he really is Cartwright. He finds he is able to plan and participate in military actions on other planets as well as innately pickling the correct course of action for his merc unit. He also gets to make planet landings in drop ships.

The book is fast paced and from a military standpoint runs true to what could take place in a merc unit. You will be rooting for Jim Cartwright and his mercs. Jim is able to continue on when one of several of his close friends and mentors who have helped guide him are lost.

In short if you are looking for a military science fiction book that rings true and will keep you thoroughly engaged in turning pages this is the book for you.
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