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Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2018
Received mine a few days ago and I am disappointed with it. The first thing you notice, other then it not weighing much, is that it’s basically just made of hard plastic and feels cheap to me. I did attempt to bend it (I wasn’t going to try hard) and it did not budge so it seems like very strong plastic, but I had read so many brand reviews, and I know some of them are made out of carbon fiber or metal or something and that is definitely what I would choose next time.

About to go for a walk tonight and the umbrella would not open properly. Again, it is just a few days old. Very disappointing, it seems one of the joints in the frame is screwed up, it might be disconnected inside. I tried very gingerly to get them all to fold and unfold properly and eventually I got it open but you can tell by looking at the umbrella on top that something is not unfolded properly.

This is just a one person umbrella FYI, I knew that so that’s fine but in the questions it is answered with being a two person umbrella easily which is completely not true. You need about a 50-55 inch umbrella for two people,, this one is around 43 inches.

I was looking forward to the C-shaped handle (since we are all booked on our phones now), but it does not work as well as I’d hoped to. Unless you have gigantic forearms to jam it onto, you end up having to push it all the way to your elbow and I would imagine some ladies might even be able to get it past her elbow. You still need to balance it on your shoulder and kind of babysit it which pretty much leaves you with still only one hand.

So: it’s nice that it’s lightweight, but unfortunately feels cheap. And opening it tonight and getting stuck with something wrong tells me that it is cheap.

I would look for another brand that explains what materials they made it out of and go with a different brand even if it’s seven dollars-$15 more

Sorry if that is frustrating but I would choose a different brand :-/
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