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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 16, 2010
Mike Cohn continues in his tradition of writing some of the most practical books available in the agile environment. His vast experience is evident in his approach to presenting the many questions practitioners and newcomers alike consider as they move ahead with agile practices. Without being dogmatic he provides the pros and cons of the issues at hand, helping to understand why one approach might be more desirable than another. As one example, in presenting the difference between feature teams and component teams, it would have been very easy (and overly simplistic) for Mike to indicate that feature teams are the way to go. Instead, he acknowledges that feature teams are strongly recommended, but that component team might be the right choice in some situations, and he explains what those situations might be.

This book also makes a great reference. Have a question about the role Human Resources play in an agile environment? Look it up in the index and get some pertinent information without a lot of wading through other non-related material.

The littering of "Objection" and "Things To Try Now" notes again add some very practical applications, both in dealing with common obstacles encountered while implementing agile practices, and also in recommending ways to move the cause forward without a lot of fuss.

One very minor style critique: while I appreciate the extensive use of supporting reference material, the manner in which these are inserted into the book can be just a bit tiresome, almost giving a feeling of reading a research paper. I'm not sure that there's any way around this, and there's no contest between getting the supporting references vs. losing some of that to attain a style objective: the extra detail wins hands down.

As an indication of the overall quality of "Succeeding With Agile" we have decided at Winnow Management to now use this book as our primary recommended reading to our clients. Great work, Mike!
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