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Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2004
This is not a cops suspenseful tale, this book is all about Joe Trona's life, the twenty something weapons master, martial arts expert police deputy with a partly disfigured face, product of the work of a vengeful dissapointed empty-headed father that thrown him acid when he was in his crib after he learned that he was not his seed.
Years later, Will Trona, stepfather of Joe Trona a politician with clout and shady deals, is murdered before Joe Trona's eyes after that big blow, Joe Trona commits himself to discover the perpetrator and make justice.
After Will Trona murder, the author instead of developing the intrigue with alluring elements to grab the reader as it is expected in a story like this one, decides instead to delve deeper into Joe Trona's character, how he projects his feelings over the psychological wounds left by the acid thrown to his face by his father when he was a baby and some lovemaking details about a not credible affair with a starlette who anchors a TV program that interviews people like him, those who have undergone one of a kind awful tragedy in their lifes
As I said, the weak point is that the mystery of the plot is left aside in the background and not developed as it should, all we can get as readers halfway, is a strong character in the foreground immersed in a very confusing plot full of secondary one dimensional characters and shallow circumstances that pop up chapter after chapter turning everything more and more blurred, (Where this name comes from ? Have I noticed him/her before ?)
Do not expect deceitful twists and turns either as you may find in novels of this sort, just something crafted to give meaning to an ending.
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