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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 24, 2021
Good summaries about climate change and its effects on the US. The chapters are clear and loaded with scientific data, maps, and charts. The tone is practical. One of the items is moving north (p. 46). Being in the northern 25% of the nation, or at the latitude of the Great Lakes and northern Pennsylvania, is a good idea for real estate buyers. In the West, investing in underground water storage using natural and concrete structures will become an important way to slow evaporation. There are less apparent strategies with civic groups, political activism, and church membership. Also, for married couples who are middle class, there could be advice to have two children, preferably three children. With larger families, cousins, and civic groups any one individual has better life prospects -- assuming there are financial and social resources. As more middle class, university educated, and talented people have larger families instead of having no children the society will improve. If the opposite happens, because of oppressive tax policies, the nation's economic growth will slow down or stall. Various writers who advocate for one child families among the middle class are misunderstanding the scope and breadth of climate and economic challenges in the US.

Finally, the development of new and physically durable science, farming, and management books would be another way to improve chances of survival and prosperity. In general, people need to raise their level of education and skills training, be conservative about spending, and consider real estate purchases with climate change in mind.
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