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Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2020
Her Final Breath is the second book in the Tracy Crosswhite series, and follows the excellent My Sister’s Grave, which I read recently. My dilemma was choosing between proceeding to book 2, or jumping forward to Book 7, whose review is now two weeks overdue. I’m glad I picked option 1 as this one was a much more typical police procedural, setting up Tracy’s role within her team, and moves on from the aftermath of book one, which means I won’t feel like I’ve missed to much when I skip forward. I figure this was the author also gets more reviews, although given the number already up here, it’s not like he needs them!

A few weeks after returning to Seattle after finally solving her sister’s murder, Tracy is back on the hunt for the serial killer dubbed The Cowboy, who has been hog-tying exotic dancers in motel rooms so that they are forced to strangle themselves. Her captain, the obnoxious Johnny Nolasco, is setting her up to fail over his longstanding petty jealousy, and he has a predatory reporter on standby to make her disgrace as public as possible. Discovering that an earlier case with similar traits was closed by Nolasco nine years earlier, she knows he will block attempts to investigate it, so she puts her boyfriend Dan the attorney on the case, but with an obsessed stalker watching her house, her trusty Glock might not be enough to save her...

I’m really enjoying Dugoni’s writing as he creates believable and interesting characters in a twisty plot that follows classic serial killer tropes but still managed to keep me guessing.
Nolasco is a brilliant love-to-hate antagonist and Tracy is a sympathetic mix of bravery and compassion, with her team providing some welcome comic relief. The most stressful part was worrying that something awful would happen to Roger, Tracy’s poor neglected cat. It’s OK, nothing does! I’m looking forward to continuing reading about her adventures very soon.
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