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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 1, 2016
Reviewing two of the representative stories in this box set -- they are all awesome!!!
>>>>> Reviewing “The Fall of Seren” by Cheri Lasota >>>>>
Serentyn Myric climbed up to the Keenbarrows, hills of the old dead. She was to be the chosen sacrifice for the entire village. This was her destiny from the time she was born. She was pondering the words of the old prophecy. Would her power be able to hold back Dinistrydd, a catastrophic meteor strike that had done so much damage to her world year after year? Was she going to die?

She thought back to when Idris had taken her to a cave to see something he had found. The first chamber had a smell of death and she was glad to move away from it. It opened up into a cavern and she saw all sorts of glowing, colorful worms on the walls. As they sat on the floor watching, he let her read his thoughts of wanting to kiss her. She wanted that too.

When the time had come, her friend Idris had followed her, upset that the elders would let her face this alone and would not agree to face the disaster and join their powers to hers. When she would not abandon her fate, Idris kissed her and something frightening happened. She realized he had given her most of his psychokinetic power before he said goodbye. And if she survived what was coming, he asked her to find him in the far away place he was going to now. Could that happen? Would she ever see him again?

This was a really compelling story about unlikely heroes. I highly recommend reading this one, along with all the other great stories in the box set. What a wonderful treat for the reader!

>>>>> Reviewing “Down and Out in Caprinet” by Fexlix R Savage >>>>>
Gustav Gunther woke up from the helio crash with none of his weapons; even his contacts were missing! His head hurt and he pulled off a wrapping to discover his DOT, an implant which connected him to the Net, was cut out of his head. The stranger, referred to as the “runty SOB” and eventually identified as Saul, led him through the jungle. Apparently Saul had been a member of the 11th ship heading to Paradisi system which disappeared. The other 10 colonist ships chose to ignore the missing ship in their escape to Paradisi. Gustav was now hearing about their fate.
As they continued through the jungle, Gustav realized he had a fever from his wound. He and Saul rode creatures like dolphins down the river until a storm forced them to shore. The redhead Gustav encountered earlier cutting apart his crashed helio was riding a large bird. She argued with Saul and had the bird snatch his up by its claws; it then dropped him from high above to his apparent death. Gustav passed out and was luckily found by fishermen. They took him to their village where he seemed to fit right in. Now it was time to make the choice – stay or continue on? What will the future offer him? Can he survive this world?
We hear the story through switching back and forth from the original incident and Captain Gunther’s court-martial, interspersed in the story. The world is described so well that the reader feels like a part of it. The extreme views of the native people reflect clearly their attitudes toward Gunther, one of the original Descendants. The story progresses relentlessly, and you never know what’s coming. It was a good read and I highly recommend it.
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