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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2018
The Champion Hybrid Generator is fantastic
I have no complaints at all with this generator
Here are some of the features that makes this generator great
1. Fuel shut off valve
2. Easy to empty and add oil
3. The 292cc engine keeps the generator from going into overload with higher start up wattage demands when in eco mode
4. 4000 watts of clean sine wave power (3% or less THD)
5. Long run time on a full tank (I got over 24hrs on my mock power outage
6. Light weight about 91 Lbs filled with gas and oil
It's plenty quiet enough for my needs (Camping and power outages)
Here's how I broke it in
1. Ran for 5 hours using various loads not exceeding 1500 watts changed the oil (10W30)
2. Ran for 24 hours using the same method as the 5 hour for the load changed the oil (10W30)
3. Ran for 24 hours using a heavy load (mock power outage generator in eco mode) turning on items till it kicked out due to is a run down of what I connected to the generator
A. Oreck air purifier,57" l.e.d TV,27" c.r.t TV,2 alarm clocks,gas fired water heater with power vent,4 l.e.d light bulbs,7.0 cu in" refrigerator,12 port usb charger,TiVo box,1.5" sump pump (set to manually on) (which to my best guess I figure to be about 965 watts running)
B. Then I added a 15 amp 1500 watt heater
C. Added 7 amp 1500 watt toaster oven so now we are at 3965 watts ran this load 1.5 hours with the refrigerator kicking on about every 30 minutes making the generator jump and it did not kick off
D. Added 1100 watt microwave as soon as the refrigerator kicked on the generator went into overload and shut off all outlets (shut down the generator and restarted)...I then used it the way I would expect to use it during a power outage for example I would never run the toaster oven and the microwave at the same never kicked out and ran everything I needed it to run...
Do the maintenance that is listed in the owners manual
Buy a 5W30 synthetic oil and add it only after break in
HERE ARE SOME of the accessories I bought for this generator and highly recommend
1. Ok this one is very Important if your gonna run any generator with a 30amp trailer outlet for power loss using extension cords then buy the trailer conversion plug (voltec 30 amp conversion plug)
2. Magnetic dipstick
3. Hour meter (so you can track how long it has ran for maintenance)
4. Champion wheel kit
5. Champion 3100 watt generator cover
6. Southwire contractor grade 100' extension cord bought 2
7.cable matters 1 to 4 120v 20amp splitter bought 2
All the accessories I bought are top notch 5 star products that I spent alot of time resarching and helps to get the most out of this generator safely
Couldn't be happier with this generator Champion got it right.
8. Bought sta-bil 360 gas addative added 1oz to the generator with the fuel tank being about 3/4 full ran the generator for 1/2 hour turned the fuel valve off and waited for the generator to stop.the generator is now ready for storage
One final suggestion: you can't expect any motor or engine to run at 100% 24/7 and expect it to last for very long...keep your loads as low as possible doing this will keep your gas consumption low and your generator will last longer. If possible buy a generator that will produce 25% more power than you would expect to use.
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