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Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2020
The scent was really fresh and relaxing but the candle burned down very quickly. I have only lit it 3 times for about 2 or 3 hours each time and it is just about half gone. I usually buy the Walmart candles and those things last forever with strong scent and a lot more candle for a cheaper price. I probably won't be buying this brand again but I still wouldn't say this is a bad product just depends on how often you want to buy a new candle. I like the little jar it came in I plan to upcycle it when it is empty. I also like that this is a made from more natural materials. I think Mrs. Meyers is a great brand but I haven't had much luck with many of the products to me other than the scents being amazing and the style of the packaging being space saving and simple while still looking nice sitting out I wouldn't buy any of it but the good thing is when I do buy one of the products I can always re-use the container over and over so I can leave my dish soap sitting out and not be annoyed at how it looks.
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