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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2021
Installed on a 2018 Ram 1500 CC. These ARE the correct brackets for the 2016-2018 Ram CC's.

Full disclosure... i bought these from Amazon Warehouse at a significant discount. The description stated very good condition with "interior imperfection". Upon arrival driver side step had a good sized dent in the side that did not match the item's "interior imperfection". I contacted AMAZON and they made it right as far as I am concerned.

Installation was a bit tedious compared to the previous steps I had installed. This item uses a second pinch weld attachment which does add to the stability of the steps. They do not use the larger bolt plate I am used to (the larger one is actually easier to install). They use smaller bolt plates that need to be fished into the lower two pre-drilled holes in the frame. This was easy on the rear bracket installation. But nearly impossible on the middle brackets. I had to improvise and use the over-sized body access hole a few inches to the rear of the bracket location to help fish the bolt plate into place using something flexible to push and tip the bolt into place in order to align the bracket then use a screw driver to aid in pushing it through the desired hols cut into the body. Once accomplished install was a breeze. This process added about 10 min to each side as compared to using the larger brackets on a previous install. The directions were very detailed and 90% useful. Total install time 2 hrs (including removal of previous steps and improvising the middle bracket install). They are very sturdy and look great... dent in all!

PRO-TIP - install brackets on one side at a time. Do NOT tighten. Then install pinch weld brackets. Tighten the pinch weld bracket down as you align the larger bracket itself, as there is very little adjustment allotted from the pinch weld bracket once installed. Then install steps. Any adustment needed at this point will be from the larger bracket if needed. Go back and tighten every thing down at that point. 13mm and if i remember correctly a 10mm socket and a second nut driver or adjustable wrench is all that is needed
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