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Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2016
I just DJ'd a wedding for my son. The reception was outside under a 30'x60' tent. I set up on 1 end where the dancing was to be. I didn't tell him about the bubble machine that I had mounted on my 9' light stand. Their 1st dance was right in front of me, exactly where I wanted them. About 10 seconds into the dance I took out the remote and started the bubbles. You could hear the crowd go WOW!, as bubbles began to swarm around them. He told me later that he said he felt something touch his neck and the bride said IT'S BUBBLES! After their dance, I opened the floor up to everyone and the bubbles definitely brought them out, especially the kids. All kids love bubbles. I used about 1/4 of a 2 liter bottle of Gazzilion Bubbles over a 3 hour period. I didn't leave the machine running but maybe 30 seconds at a time because of the amount that was being blown around! About every 5 minutes or so, I'd give it a little hit for a few seconds, just to keep a bubble going around. I was amazed at the distance the remote worked from. I was standing at least 75' away and it was still controlling the machine, even without the little antenna pulled out. It was most definitely a hit with everyone. I don't think I'd have used it indoors though because of a slip factor but outdoors, yes.
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