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Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2018
I use Bounce not only in the dryer, but in some unusual ways. I put a fresh sheet under the cat's litter box (under neath so,the cats cannot get to it) to always have a fresh scent in the bathroom. After my mop is dry, then I toss half of a sheet on top of the mop inside the more musty smell! I also use half of a sheet pinned to the inside of jackets that will not be used until next years same season. Half of a sheet also goes great into your big green/black garbage bag when halfway full. I put a full sheet in the bottom of the outdoor garbage can to help control the bugs and the smell. I toss 5 or 6 used shhets into the bottom of the kitchen garbage can to help with odour. If it's a warm to a hot day, just before I go out in my electric wheelchair I put a full new sheet on top of the seat so while I'm sitting all day in the heat, you never give off that little bit of sweat scent. You always have a fresh scent about you & people don't mind being next to you with that lovely Bounce scent. A single sheet under one of the front seats in the car always leaves you with a smile on your face & relaxation throughout your body. Everyone should take the time to use Bounce dryer sheets at least once because most of them would become Bounce-Believers. from a true blue fan/user of bounce...zaneta
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