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Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2021
Lee Montford is a great author and I have enjoyed his books so far but had to give up on Purgatory. The story is good and most of the characters are well written except for Sarah. Sarah (no spoilers) is in a right mood from the get go. She was hardly a beacon of light in the previous book in the series but in Purgatory she is just in a bad mood all the time. I could understand if she was haunted (no pun, really!) by what had happened and grieving but determined to do what she has to (again no spoilers). However she is just impatient, angry and irritating for the three quarters of the book I read. It got so that if any of the characters were to meet an untimely end she'd get my vote. She was written such that I could not remain immersed in the book as she was so jarring. I recommend Lee's books and if you can endure 'Sarah' then I'm sure you'll enjoy Purgatory.
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