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Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2018
I was on the fence for this series books 1-3


On the one hand I liked all the history stuff and visiting different moments in history to see what it was really like. On the other hand the drama llama would always rear its ugly head in the relationship aspect and Max and Leon just could not get their shit together enough emotionally to have a grown up conversation for a moment. Then there were the shenanigans at the end of book 3 that I liked and hated all at the same time. It was confusing.

Well no more I liked this book so much that I’m glad I gave this series another try. Again we hurtle through history and I’m surprised by how much I enjoy the little snippets that we get to see of different times. I also am loving the new Max/Leon dynamic and change up of the bad guy situation.

Max and Leon 2.0 are so much more well adjusted and better for each other and I finally feel some of the heat/chemistry between them on a deeper level that just the sleeping together aspect. Plus they had adult conversations, some of them rather silly and fun, but the drama was never due to some stupid fight between them.

“I’m not a surgeon.’
‘You don’t have to be. You’re an engineer. That’s almost the same thing.’
‘Your ignorance is frightening.”

The new threat to St. Mary’s seems very real and getting to know the new St. Mary’s 2.0 took a little getting used to but overall it seemed like it was going to be a lot of fun.

Now this is time travel with a multiverse so I had to let some logic go. Because some of he things that have happened up to this point didn’t happen in both places but people still ended up about the same place. Did that sentence make any sense probably not, but that was half the point. I had to let go that Max/Leon 2.0 didn’t have some of the same experiences together that Max/Leon 1.0 did and so a few things don’t match up but overall they still ended up together and had the same overall experiences. Anyway I just gave up said “sod it” and moved on with the story without trying to put real world logic into it.

So I’m glad I continued the series because it is a lot of fun overall and the big showdown at the end had some sad moments but also some really great ones, condoms full of flour being one of them.

I’m looking forward into seeing what other kinds of trouble Max/Leon and Peterson can get into going forward.
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