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Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2021
EDIT: Ok, so i rescind what i said about the number pad...i guess i was hitting the keys to hard and not turning it on/off like i just figured out that you just barely have to touch the pad and to turn on/off you have to leave your fingertip on the on/off button for just half a second longer than you think you would need to...i think i will actually love this number pad eventually (need to get a mouse first- turning it on/off a bit annoying but you can still use the pad as mouse with it on but it gets hard to know what youre doing if youre entering a password for example and cant see what youre typing)

Battery is great, overall really perfect for my needs. Screen could be a little better but makes sense its a trade off for the long battery life. What I don't like is that i thought the number pad would be amazing but it pretty much just doesn't work at all. Also, I thought the keyboard would be backlit and it is not!
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