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Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2013
Shadowman: Birth Rites written by Justin Jordan with Art by Patrick Zircher and Color by Brian Reber has all the flair, action, gorgeous visuals and drama of a superhero cinematic experience. Justin Jordan does a masterful job carving out an interesting and layered Magical corner of the Valiant Universe. Patrick Zircher, one of the best superhero artists in comics today, brings this dark corner to life with some truly beautiful artwork. Brian Reber's colors compliments Zircher's art perfectly. This introductory trade paperback of the re-launched Shadowman introduces an updated version of Jack Boniface (aka Shadowman) from the classic early 90's version. Jack is a 20 year old kid who grew up in foster homes looking for answers about the parents he hardly knew and ended up getting much more than he bargained for - when the Loa, the Voodoo spirit that is part of the Boniface legacy, bonds with him and he becomes the new Shadowman. At times this comic feels like a made for Hollywood Superhero movie and that is both the good and the bad with this Trade. It is at times beautiful to look at with exciting action and imaginative plot but at the same time lacks some depth and insight with the main characters with dialogue that comes off as more cheesy than compelling. Overall, its still an excellent and fun read and a great start to a comic that gets better and better. .
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