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Reviewed in the United States on August 24, 2011
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I finished this last week and I am only now getting around to reviewing this. Now I know you all know about the disappointment with Dead in the Family, mine included. But I can say Dead Reckoning was a little better than the last book. That doesn't go without saying, this wasn't a favorite. In fact, like I have heard some say and I think it is true, this felt like a filler. Problems were addressed, others rose and some of those weren't addressed (part of my problem with this book). Nonetheless, this wasn't bad. It is definitely a step from the last book; library worthy.

In Dead Reckoning, Sookie is being stalked by someone who really wants her dead. While at work, someone tries to set Merlotte's on fire by throwing firebombs. It is already bad enough that Merlotte's is declining since there is a new club in town that is bringing around entertainment good enough for Jerry Springer. Sookie and Sam are at a loss as to who or what would want them dead and Sookie has the sinking feeling that it has nothing to do with Sam. After getting set on fire, Sookie goes to her house with Eric and Pam there. Sookie finds out that Pam is not doing well. Her girlfriend is dying of cancer and she wants to turn her. But the regent of Louisiana, Victor, will not allow Pam to do so. In fact, Victor is making sure he is making Eric's life a living hell. But soon they know they must take out Victor soon before he causes more damage. Some of that damage actually ties in with Sookie's very heritage.

I wish I could say that was the focus of the story, but it wasn't. In part, yes, but this book felt like it was written specifically for Sookie to make room for someone else in her life. We don't get a lot of Eric and that upsets me a little bit. We actually got more Sam and even Bill. Don't get me started on that (and no I will not rant on the rain scene even though I really, really want to). I like them both, don't get me wrong, but I don't like how Harris is waiting until now to work a big gap between Eric and Sookie. Nonetheless, Sookie pissed me off in this book when it came to Eric. For instance, in the beginning when the bar is almost set on fire and Sookie actually gets set on fire (well her hair, but close enough), Eric comes to the rescue. Due to the blood bond, he can sense when she is in danger or any other emotion. Now when he does arrive, Sookie is actually angry at him because she thinks he is overreacting. Are you kidding me? You were set on fire! If not for Sam, it would have been a lot worse for you. I don't get it. Sookie bitched and moaned in the last book about how Eric wasn't there to save her from her crazy ass cousins who tortured her. Eric told her he was covered in silver due to the "great" Victor and if not for his warning before he was taken, she would have died. Now he was able to get to her in time and she is pissed? This is probably my biggest issue with this book. Sookie couldn't make up her mind about a damn thing. A lot of this book was Sookie acting the same way over things that have been discussed and established. She bitches and moans about violence and when she is in danger (almost killed a couple of time), she still bitches. I am sorry, but I am pretty much out of patience when it comes to Sookie. It just seems she is grabbing every excuse to leave Eric, but she still doesn't know what she wants.

Now like I said another part of the story was about Sookie's heritage and her grandmother. I was more intrigued with this story, but it was incomplete. Sookie finds out from clearing out her attic, that her grandmother left her a note and a gift. A very powerful gift. Given what it can do, Sookie is confused about what to do about it and if her family members are worth trusting. I wish Harris focused a little more on this. But it is clear, this will play a big part in the next book to come (at least I hope it does). I like Dermot and Claude, but I didn't like that we weren't given more concerning them and their story. We find out something is going wrong with the fairies and I know there is more, but we weren't really given that. It was thrown in there and I was really anticipating that part of the story over everything with Victor. And then, poof, nothing. No real hints about what's to come except that the gift might play a big part in it all. This disappointed me the most.

The best parts of this book were the action scenes. We have two villains in this book. One is Victor and another is someone I didn't expect to see until later (and I won't spoil, but it was expected). I got a feel of Victor. I know that he is a very calculating and manipulative bastard. The other villain though, we only see once or twice in the book and I have no feel of them except they are crazy as hell. I couldn't understand how no one seemed to get a hold of this person (then again, can't stop the crazy). But I liked the fight scene when they finally got the chance to take down Victor. It was bloody and actually suspenseful (always a fan of swords). The fight with our other villain was good, but I have a feeling with the way they were "disposed of", there might be some repercussions. Although neither scene lasted as long as I would have liked, they were good.

One thing I must mention, did anyone notice the amount of grammar issues in this book? Or when something was already established, it was repeated again as though the character lost their memory? For example, when our other villain makes themselves known, they confess to all the crime right then and there. Then a few chapters later, Sookie goes on about how she is sure this person is behind everything. Huh? They confessed, you are not sure, you know. Or when someone asked Sookie if Jason is single, Sookie says "Yeah", but we know that isn't true because Sookie already talked about Jason's new girlfriend Michele in the beginning of the book. She said Michele "might make something permanent with him". There are quite of few incidents in this book like this. Where one thing is said and then said again as though the character was unaware of it in the first place, but they weren't. My point is, as was an issue with the last book, this felt rushed. It felt like this book wasn't looked over properly before publishing.

Overall, there are two more books to go in this series and I can't say I am not a wee bit happy about it. When I started this series, I was so in love with it. But now it feels sort of stretched out. There have always been little issues throughout the series and Harris herself knows about them. She mentioned them on her site. But now, those little things are sort of getting in the way. The magic that was there in the beginning is slowly going away because I honestly feel Harris isn't giving us 100%. I know she can write, she comes up with great stories, which is why I am now confused with where this series is and where it will be headed. As I said before, this is better than the last book. I will pull through and finish the last two books to come. I can only pray that things fit into place properly when it is all said and done.
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