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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2020
I have been reading Michael Connelly's books since his first efforts were published - way back. I can't truthfully say I love them all equally well. I will admit to being a Bosch fan, especially starting after the "Black" books, and I admire Connelly's craftsmanship and envy the heck out of it. I will also admit I have never warmed to Jack McEvoy, which is a shame because I have a feeling he is sort of Michael Connelly's alter ego, being a reporter in LA who is drawn to the crime beat even when he is doing consumer protection stuff. Mr. C. has to think that "there but for my laser-focus and hyper-drive, and the best seller list, could I have gone."

Somehow, Jack McEvoy just irritates me. Maybe he is simply written in such a way as to tone him down a bit to avoid the appearance of his being some kind of super-reporter, but he lacks the sharpness of mind and the depth of moral conviction that drives Bosch, and the intrinsic courage that gets Harry through the battles with his dark side. And when Jack is coupled with Rachel Waller, as he is in Fair Warning, he always comes off as a bit of a stumbling, clueless side-kick to her kick-ass. I guess it is natural, if unfair, to compare all Michael Connelly's characters to Harry Bosch, but, even as a stand-alone I don't find enough to admire in Jack McEvoy to elevate his books to "extraordinary" in my estimation.

Having said all that, I did enjoy Fair Warning as a good bedtime read. The DNA angle was interesting, and Connelly's exhaustive research was evident, as always, in his command of the subject matter. I found myself cheating and picking up my kindle to return to Jack and Rachel during times I was supposed to be doing something else, because, well, it's Michael Connelly and it has his magic all over it.
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