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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2022
I loved the safety features and all the extra padding, etc. Plus Amazon had it on sale. It gets here in three days, box was beat to hades, but inside everything was still plastic wrapped, zip tied, etc. It’s so nice. Cadillac nice. Black Lincoln nice. The padding is amazing, you don’t have to re-thread the harness, and the level indicator is a lovely added touch. I especially loved the L.S.P. feature, it just makes me feel better even if it sounds gimmicky.
However, it’s extremely hard to install. I have a newer Kia Sorento so it’s not the smallest SUV, but you wouldn’t know it putting this thing in.
The best rear facing level we could get was a 3, (1 is for newborns for reference) and even though my daughter is almost a year, I would have liked to get it to a 2. The anchors would never tighten down to where I felt they were safe. I know you can only use them to 35 lbs, but we couldn’t even use them for a little while. With the seat belt, it’s super tight and secure but the lock off feature is almost impossible to engage unless your husband manhandles it, and even then he could only get it halfway.
When it’s all said and done, she’s very comfortable and it’s easy getting her in and out of the vehicle. But I dread having to fix it if for whatever reason it gets knocked out of position or must be moved.
All in all, behind the driver’s seat (I’m 5’6”) was where we got it safely in and leveled properly. It would not fit in the middle, and the passenger side worked, but the front passenger seat had to be moved so far up, my husband couldn’t get in.
It’s lovely, but buyer beware of how large it is and how difficult the rear facing installation is.
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