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Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2021
What a great buy! Used it for a work trip. I do software and hardware implementations at customer manufacturing facilities (often in remote locations), so I need a lot of different (including legacy) wires and adapters and the like as well. This thing holds it all very well, with a little room to spare. It is very comfortable, despite being loaded down, even if you have to rush through the airport. Speaking of airports... The laptop compartment unfolds flat as well as the main "middle" zipper, meaning you can lay out the whole bag and the 100 plus wires, adapters, and whatnots can be much more easily scanned without having to take out everything (except specific items like hard drives and such, as required by airport security). My co-worker loved this bag so much, she had me buy one for her and another for her husband. Worth every penny, so far (only had it a couple weeks).
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