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Reviewed in the United States on April 27, 2019
At first I thought it looked stupidly bulbous on my head...but hey my head would look stupidly ugly cracked open like a melon on the street!! Flying at 30 mph on an electric longboard without a helmet is just plain stupid, so, yeah. Fit and comfort is excellent, the dial adjuster really fine tunes the fit nicely. Good straps and buckle, it stays right where it should, even at high speed. The venting is good, esp. at speed- on an eskate you're not working as hard aerobically. A good value, and now an important part of my gear. Recommended.
EDIT: a year later and it's still working well- I now also commute on a 40mph fast ebike, and wear this helmet in warmer weather. (I use a Moon snowboard helmet w/ visor mostly in colder weather) Also, my 13 yr old son now flies behind me on his own eskate- far too fast! He fought me tooth and nail, but he'll also be wearing this helmet!
EDIT again- added a crazy fast e-mountain board to my quiver, muscle memory makes me want to turn it like a snowboard...well, I heel side turned in a little gravel- next thing I know my head really did snap right onto pavement stunningly hard! This helmet saved my brain and probably my life. Just a few scratches on the side of the hardshell, no foam deformation. So, be smart kids... wear a helmet!
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