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Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2021
This collection is amazing, in every sense of the word! We have well-known and to-be-adored new authors contributing their best to a huge selection that will have the reader speechless. (Fortunately, we don’t need to talk to jump right in and read these incredible stories!) Below are a few reviews just to ramp up your anticipation for what’s ahead!

*** Reviewing “HER RUNED ALIEN” by Cass Alex ***
Skarde Sigerdson is a Vikingr warrior who woke up in a safety pod where someone had dumped his unconscious body, probably expecting him to die in the crash. It’s a battle just to fight off the voracious plant-life he encounters. Rachel is a doctor doing classified research at a top secret base on the planet. Her Aunt Gobi disappears and she is about to go look for her when Merrk tells her eggs were sent over. She needs to check whether they are for study or breakfast, and then find out what tests they wanted done on them. Skarde had finally found a base to shelter in, but guards surrounded him. A small female in an apron standing at the door looked at his wounds and, seeming delighted, took him to the doctor, Rachel. His runes react immediately, his arms glowing brightly, having apparently encountered his mate! But remember those eggs… trouble is coming as a transport bringing a “live” specimen of what the eggs will produce caused a crash! Five of the 17 eggs they had received were hatching and, as Merrk mentioned the eggs were obtained from inside a corpse, Skarde took a look. These were lindworms that implanted their eggs in a host until they exploded out of the body! He must get his mate to safety immediately! Would the entire base succumb to this horror?

*** Reviewing “GLOW STICKS (ALIEN EMBRACE ANTHOLOGY)” by Mia Harlan ***
Kira is tired of her job where she has no prospects for promotion and is berated daily by her boss. The idea of being a prize in the Garrnex Mating Games appeals to her somehow. Aliens fight for a mate. It sounds exciting and romantic to her. But the reality is not so glamorous as she is stripped naked and put on display for the brutal, fierce warriors who will fight over breeding rights to her. And when the fight is over, only the triad of huge Namoxi warriors is left standing and waiting for her complete surrender. Is it too late to have a “do-over”?

*** Reviewing “WARRIOR IN CHAINS” by Luna Jade ***
I normally avoid the post-apocalyptic stories because it’s very depressing to see how people or planets are crushed, destroyed by disease and cruelty. Zorina lived in such a world now. Alien Zedurians have destroyed everything. The indigenous population is diseased and wasting away, no food or clean water left to sustain life. Zorina somehow is still not ready to give up, and pulls a strength from within to help her dying mother at the risk of her own life as she continually sneaks into the alien stronghold to steal a little food. But one day, even that is not enough as she sets off the siren alarms, traps the enemy has set for capturing the thief. Orion is in his cage and has seen her come and go. He knew it was a matter of time until they caught her. So he took the blame and hid her. He could have bargained her to get a favor. But he took the risk for her. Now Zorina is determined to do what she can to set the chained prisoner who protected her free. Will the two of them find a way to survive together if they can even escape? Where do you run to in a world that is dying?

*** Reviewing “SEIZED BY THE ALIEN BERSERKER” by Lucee Joie ***
We are brought back to the world of the Vikingr Berserkers. Full of rage and vicious fighters. But Skallagrim (“Grim”) is not typical. He can feel the all-encompassing rage like the others, but he is fully aware there is more to him than just his compulsion to kill. So when a human female Erica is put into the ring for Grim and a Lindworm to kill, he recognizes his fated mate. Despite the drugs they put into him to enhance his rage to make her death more dramatic, he fought against its effects. And his rage turns into protection as he screams NO and turns to face the Lindworm… only now they have added two more to make the game more challenging and harder to survive. He picks her up over his shoulder and runs. Can they actually escape from three Lindworms? Or is this the end for both of them?

*** Reviewing “SKOAR, A BRIDES OF DRIEGON NOVELLA” by Ava Ross ***
Layla is greeting a visiting alien dignitary of the Driegon race, but the moment they touch, flames seem to shoot up her arms. Why is he insisting she is his fated Torrent mate? He will be going back to his own planet, there is no point in a long-distance romance with a dragon warrior, no matter how terrific he looks. Can he convince her they were meant to belong to each other… and the heart of a Driegon warrior will not be denied?
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